The Waiting Season

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Life is made up of different seasons.

Just as the sun rises and sets every day, various seasons in our life come and go. Some are longer than the others, some are shorter than the others, some easier than the others and others tend to be harder than the others.

However, the sun serves as a perfect reminder that seasons don’t last forever.

What you make of each season of your life determines a lot.

This post will focus on ‘the waiting season’.

We all have experienced this season, and are likely to face many more in future.

Be it waiting for a vision to come to reality, a job, a qualification, a child, a partner or any other important change.

I’m currently in a waiting season and I can tell you it gets really tough.

In my opinion, it is important to possess these virtues during the waiting season:

  1. Patience and
  2. Contentment

What is patience? This is defined by google as the ability to accept or tolerate delay, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. I couldn’t agree more with this definition! Patience is simply tolerance. Patience is so important. There is no great person in history who reached their success without patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as the famous saying goes.

 Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon is a great example. Amazon was not built in a day; a lot was invested to make it the multi billion company it is today. Imagine if jeff Bezos gave up when he didn’t see his vision coming into existence.

What about Oprah Winfrey? Oprah didn’t just become a worldwide name in a year, it took years of building.

Dear reader, it takes time to build anything valuable. Learn to be patient, don’t be too hard on yourself, do what you need to do right now and wait patiently for the vision to come to pass.

Contentment is defined as a state of being happy of satisfied. Contentment is a choice; it doesn’t just happen. We all need to be happy at whatever stage we are in life.

Contentment is the absence of comparison. When you are satisfied, you are not comparing your race to another person’s race.

We live in an age where social media doesn’t make it easier for us to be content with what we have.

Photoshopped and staged pictures make us despise our journey.

Focusing on your race and being satisfied with where you are so far will save you from anxiety.

However, I must note that contentment doesn’t mean complacency. We must always aim higher and at the same time wait patiently to achieve that goal.

Let me know what you think are the most important virtues during the waiting season in the comment section.

Sharimam x

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Emmanuella Nwanua says:

    Important virtues to have;

    1) Patience 😄 yeah I know you’ve mentioned it. It sure can’t be underestimated.

    2) Trust- Not doubting that God will come through for one in that period.

    3)Faith -It is hard to keep the faith in waiting season. It is hard not to lean on your own thoughts and feelings at times. But we always must remember that the Lord knows what is best and he’s preparing the best for us.

    God bless you sis💕.

    1. sharimam says:

      Oh yes! Trust in God can’t be over emphasised. I totally agree with you.
      Faith is a must in fact. These are so key and I pray God helps us all exercise them in our waiting seasons. I agree with you, he knows whats best for us.
      Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless you too!!❤

  2. Sarah Kwewum says:

    I also believe that while being patient faith has to be applied because having faith is just as important as the air we breathe…
    Thank you for this🙏🏽🙏🏽💕💕

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