Ladies in Black, a recommended watch

Hi there,

Hope you’re doing well? And you’re keeping safe? It’s been a few weeks since the lockdown here in the UK, but it feels like it has been 6 months. If I say I’m not tired, I would be lying.

However, it’s been a time of reflection, renewal, re-strategizing life, and relaxing. I have particularly loved reading during this period. I was slacking in my monthly reading goal, but this period has helped me catch up and even go the extra mile.

 A few books I have really enjoyed reading are Broken by Ufuomaee, The Church Girl also by Ufuomaee, God’s Generals by Roberts Liardon and Good Morning Holy Spirit written by Benny Hinn. I have gained insight into different areas of my spirituality that I didn’t quite get before, and that’s what reading does for you. It broadens your understanding. These are totally recommended reads, and you should check them out!

I have also enjoyed watching documentaries, series and meaningful movies on Netflix. I thoroughly enjoyed Queen Sono, it gave me perspective on the ongoing terrorism in parts of Africa. It also made me do research on the South African Apartheid, which I think every African should read on. There are quite a few lessons to be learnt from that series, but some that stood out to me are:

  1. The sacrifice of leadership. A leader is first of all a servant and a servant puts the needs of others before their own. As a leader, you will sacrifice your time, your comfort, your safety, your relationships all for a greater cause.
  2. Secondly, the importance of genuine relationships and vulnerability. We are relational beings, and we all need a safe space to share our worries, our problems, our needs etc.
  3. Thirdly, this series awakened something that was already in me. Although it had been watered down, the love for my heritage and my continent was awakened. I will not give up on my continent, Africa shall be liberated!

Talking about documentaries, I majorly enjoy watching documentaries on ‘why’ a thing is. I believe this is because I tend to be very curious. It’s just a thing about me. So, I have been watching a documentary on Netflix titled ‘Babies’, and it’s been interesting. It will shock you to know how babies grow. The factors that make us who we are, begin from our very first breath. It has so far given me insight on how to manage that season in my child’s life when I become a parent.

Okay, so let’s go back to the most essential part of this post. I watched a movie last night titled Ladies in Black. It’s an Australian movie and dates back to the World War I/II period (not particularly sure of which one).

Magda was my favorite character. She was an immigrant from Slovakia at the time, and she was trying to find her feet in Australia. I absolutely loved her style. I love a good dress and Magda definitely knew how to wear one. There is just something about a stylish woman!

Magda worked in a departmental fashion store called Goodes, and for some weird reason, the Australian girls there didn’t like her. I found that confusing because Magda was an incredibly sweet lady. Anyway, Magda eventually won their hearts; It just reminded me of how I pre-judge people and rob myself of fantastic relationships. It was a take-home lesson for me to give people a chance to show me who they really are, before I make my own conclusions.

 Though Magda wasn’t the main character of the movie, her personality stood out to me, and I hope I run into many more ‘Magda’s’ on my journey.

Magda was loving to those around her, she was a very wise woman and nurtured those under her care as if they were her own children. A very hospitable woman. She never paid evil for evil. She loved her background and didn’t allow it stop her from becoming who she knew she should be. Despite the fact the girls despised her majorly because of her background, she remained who she was. Magda loved wholeheartedly. She did all she could to help everyone around her and guess what, that didn’t take away who she was from her.

Be yourself, love wholeheartedly, the world will come around eventually.

Love, Sharimam.


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  1. Afi Shaw says:

    Hmmm… I love this: “….. love wholeheartedly, the world will come around eventually”
    To love whole heartedly, one must give out love without holding back. Love unconditionally and it will find it’s way back to you. Love always wins!!!!!

    1. Sharimam says:

      Indeed love always wins!!

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