Can I be transparent for a moment?

Dear Reader,

I trust this meets you well. With all that is going on in the world, I hope you are okay?

I had another post scheduled for today, but I felt the need to share something else. I pray that what I share today encourages you and stirs you to become all that God designed you to be.

As a faith based blogger who is very vocal about what I believe in, it is likely that someone may assume that I have it all figured out. But that’s far from the truth because I am still in training.

Why do we believe that we have to have it all together to be proud of our identity in Christ and do His work ?

I am not your poster girl for the perfect Christian walk (That’s if it even exists). I am nowhere close to perfection. I am a mere mortal, it is beyond me to be perfect. I have my weaknesses too!

Scripture says, For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God(Romans 3:23) and There is none righteous, no not one(Romans 3:10).

The good news is that God’s grace and mercy precedes any sin you can ever think of. His mercies are new every morning. He is a graceful and forgiving God. We are not saved because of our perceived righteousness but by his grace alone.

I must note however that because God’s mercy and grace is readily available, we must not take it as a license to sin. When we become believers, a new nature is birthed within us and we have a natural desire to please God. The Holy Spirit then begins a work in us and transforms us daily. It is our duty to respond to His corrections and align to God’s will for our lives.

The Bible states in Proverbs 24:16; ‘For a righteous man may fall seven times and rise again’… The righteous man may fall, no question about it. The most important thing is to get back up. Don’t stay there!

I didn’t have a relationship with Jesus straight from my mother’s womb. I had a life before I encountered Jesus. Let me be truthful; there are times I feel unqualified to speak about Him and how good He is because of my past and current failures.

However, Jesus didn’t die for the qualified. He didn’t call qualified people to be His disciples. It is in the process of training that he moulds us to become who He designed us to be; and that training doesn’t end until He returns or we are called home.

I am convinced that the more we surrender to God in every single area of our lives, the more perfected we become.

As much as I have had an authentic relationship with God for a few years now, it was only recently I broke free from guilt, shame and fear of my past. Right now, I don’t care about whatever happened before I met Christ. Those events are there to testify of the power of God at work in my life. I am a testimony to the glory of God. I am not ashamed to tell you of how much of a mess I was before I met Christ. My life has taken a 180° turnaround and I’m so thankful for that.

The peace, joy and hope I was looking for in different vices have been found in Christ. Most importantly, I have an intimate relationship with One who loves me unconditionally, One with whom I can be naked and not ashamed, One who doesn’t judge me based on my past, One who affirms me every second of the day.

This is why I blog. To share with people what God can do with a person who completely surrenders their life to Him. Not half-heartedly, completely.

Paul the Apostle in his letter to Timothy (1 Timothy 1:15) made a statement and for the purpose of communicating what is in my heart to you, I am going to paraphrase the statement..

…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”—and I, Sharimam am the worst of them all.’

If Jesus can turn my life around, He can do that for anybody. Believe me when I say it!

Truth is I am not perfect but the same spirit that resurrected Jesus from the dead is the same spirit that lives in me.

I am absolutely nothing with my own ability but with Jesus I am a woman who carries true power and authority.

Jesus has given a mandate to all who believe in Him. The thing is, time is running out. No one knows the time or date He is coming and so we must do all we can to spread the good news. That is why you can’t continue feeling inadequate or unqualified to talk to others about Jesus. It is a trap from the enemy. What are you going to say to God on judgement day?

Finally, for anyone who feels unqualified to talk about Jesus, please understand that you can’t qualify yourself, Jesus already did that on the cross for you. The greatest price has been paid. No other argument or plea is needed. It is enough that Jesus has died for us.

2 Corinthians 3:5 says ‘ It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God’.

If He has already done it, why are you still beating yourself up? You don’t have to feel qualified, it is not an emotional thing to be honest. You just have to choose to believe everyday that Jesus has called you and qualified you. Faith is the foundation of everything we do as believers.

Jesus specialises in using unqualified people. If you do not believe me, check the Bible. In fact, the lineage of Jesus is a perfect example to show you that God is no respecter of persons. His strength is made perfect in our weakness and so we never have to rely on our own strength, qualifications, ability or wisdom. Isn’t that a relief?

As for me, I choose to believe Jesus. Even when accusing voices from the enemy arise, I choose Jesus and I pray you do the same.

I pray that you see yourself as Jesus does. I pray that you are able to rise above all condemning voices of the enemy and launch into all that God has for you.

I also pray for you who would like to have a relationship with God but isn’t sure how to go about it. I pray that you find rest in God and allow His will to perfected in your life. I pray for a deeper relationship between you and Jesus. May the words written in Bible become life to you as you read the Word and may you enjoy spending time in His presence more than anything.


I hope you go into this week encouraged. You are enough. Jesus loves you.

Have a blessed day!

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you for the reminder. Most times people feel and see one as perfect.

    Thank God for Jesus and we also thank God that there’s therefore no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus 🙏🙏🙏.

    And we also thank God that by His grace we’ve saved through faith and that not of our selves but it is of the gift of God🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.

    God bless you for sharing.💕

    1. Sharimam says:

      No more condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. I find that so powerful. Just believing this Word has liberated me.
      God is a good God, all glory goes to Him.

      Thank you for reading Sis. God bless you.

  2. Cherry says:

    I feel good knowing that none of us is far too gone and none of us has arrived yet but I feel even better knowing inch by inch, we travel closer to the One who has called us to live and to be, not alone but with so many others who like Jesus, never leave the one behind.
    This post is definitely reorienting! ❤

    1. Sharimam says:

      Hello Cherry..
      I know right! It is always comforting to know that nobody is far too gone or has arrived. That fact keeps me going all the time.

      But the icing on the cake is that, it is a journey. Like you rightly stated, inch by inch we get closer to Jesus. More like a marathon and not a sprint.

      Thank God you found this post reorienting. God gets the glory🙏

      Thank you for reading💖

  3. Dilys💕 says:

    I love this a lot. Let me share this scripture i came across yesterday from 1 John 4:18. It greatly encouraged me when I was battling with guilt. It says “There is no fear in love [dread does not exist]. But perfect (complete, full-grown) love drives out fear, because fear involves [the expectation of divine] punishment, so the one who is afraid [of God’s judgment] is not perfected in love [has not grown into a sufficient understanding of God’s love].”
    ‭‭1 John‬ ‭4:18‬ ‭AMP‬‬

    1. Sharimam says:

      Thank you for sharing this scripture, I wish WordPress had a pin option for comments. I love how the Amplified Bible puts it. We must all come to the point where we are well grounded in God’s love, that is our greatest weapon against any form of guilt. Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. God bless you!!

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