When it comes to relationships, I have had to learn and unlearn several things. Emotional intelligence and communication skills have been top on the list of things that I have had to learn. The importance of setting boundaries and communicating them is one thing that I learnt the hard way, and there is just something about lessons learnt the hard way. They stick with you for life.

The truth is, you can’t control how everyone relates to you; nevertheless, it is possible to set boundaries amongst the people closest to you. In fact, it is essential if you want your relationships to flourish. A good relationship does not just happen because you desire one; a lot of work goes into having one. You will have to be open to difficult conversations, a lot of compromises and adaptation.

In all my current relationships, I try to make my expectations known to the other party, and I expect the same from them. Another thing that has helped my relationships is setting boundaries. I no longer get angry over things that I can talk about and establish a solution. Boundary setting has helped me let go of toxic feelings like resentment and hatred.

Boundary setting has not been a walk in the park for me; I have had to make extreme decisions like ending a few relationships. Some people want you to accept their inappropriate behaviour by all means, and that is why when you try to teach them what you permit and what you don’t, they begin to act up.

In the past, when I made attempts to communicate my boundaries assertively and compassionately, I still received a few negative reactions from certain people.  Those type of reactions usually leaves you feeling guilty and uncomfortable. But, I have come to understand that even if I communicate my boundaries most pleasantly, the possibility of an adverse reaction is still present.

Boundaries prevent unnecessary misunderstandings, pain, stress and manipulations. They keep the parties concerned in check. Boundaries are totally different from putting up walls. They shouldn’t be taken personal.

Right now, boundary setting in ALL my relationships is a non-negotiable. The fact that it doesn’t come easy signifies that it is imperative! We teach people how to treat us by showing them how we treat ourselves. Preserving my sanity and peace of mind is one way I take care of myself, and if I want others to do the same, I must show them how. Nobody can read my mind, remember?

Someone once said, when you avoid difficult conversations, you are trading short term discomfort for long term dysfunction.

I choose to be vocal about my expectations, boundaries and roles. No relationship thrives without doing this. Chaos and disorderliness abound when there is vagueness.

Presently, I am at a space in my life where I am least concerned about the negative reactions of people when I communicate boundaries. To be honest, I expect it most of the time. Not everybody is going to be okay with your decisions, and you have to be okay with that. I not only create boundaries, but I personally supervise the boundaries and ensure they are being kept.

You and I have a duty to ensure we maintain healthy relationships. A major factor of a healthy relationship is the free will. Any relationship that robs you of your free will and decision is toxic. A person who genuinely cares will respect your wishes to create boundaries even when they don’t completely understand.

Don’t be that person that makes other people feel bad for setting up boundaries in their lives.

If you have no intention of respecting the boundaries of a person you claim to care about, simply excuse yourself from their lives.

Lastly, please never feel guilty for putting up structure in your life. It is very much needed!

Let me know what you think about setting boundaries in relationships. I’d really love to hear from you.

Love, Sharimam.

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  1. Boundaries are very essential and should never be overlooked. Set boundaries and save yourself early.

    You look really amazing.

    1. Sharimam says:

      I am glad my Big Sister in the Faith agrees with me. Nobody can tell me anything about setting boundaries
      Thanks for your comment on my picture.

      Thank you for reading and God bless you Ella.

  2. I’m currently working on establishing and fortifying boundaries. Earlier this year, I read the book called “Boundaries.” I realized that I never really set proper boundaries in life which lead to a lot of toxic relationships. Like you, I’ve received pushback as I’m on my path to setting them but the freedom I’ve gained in establishing these boundaries are so empowering. I think they are very necessary in all relationships (ie. professional, platonic, and even romantic). God even has boundaries set with us as humanity. We would do well to prayerfully seek Him in helping us establish boundaries with each other. Awesome read!

    1. Sharimam says:

      Hello Lindsey,

      I can imagine how that looks like. I commend your courage because setting boundaries never comes easy. I love what you said about God setting boundaries with us, that is so true! Never thought of it that way and just meditating on this makes me feel more comfortable with prayerfully setting boundaries. Talking about the freedom gained in establishing boundaries, there are a few things as empowering as this, it is so refreshing.

      If you don’t mind, can you leave in the comments the author of the book you read earlier in the year? Tried searching for it but there is a plethora of books with that title.

      Thank you so much for reading and leaving a comment. I enjoyed reading from you.

      1. Thank you so much. Just because we’re made in the image of God doesn’t mean we’re His equal. There are certain limits that we have to abide by and the same goes for us when dealing with others.

        Yes! I’d love to share the book with you. The book is called “Boundaries” by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend. You’ll love it. I’m doing the Marriage version.

        I enjoy reading your blogs. They’re fresh and organic. You talk about your faith but also real life situations. We need more of that.

      2. Sharimam says:

        This means a lot Lindsey, thank you!!!

      3. You’re welcome! I hope you check it out and enjoy it 💗

  3. cladex25 says:

    Well said thanks for the post

    1. Sharimam says:

      Thank you for reading x

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