My thoughts on Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo

Yes, I know, where have I been all these years? Lol. This book has been everywhere for some time now, but I am just reading it. The wait was worth it, I must say.

Stay with Me is a fantastic book, and I absolutely loved reading it!

This book kept me fully engaged from the beginning to the end, and only a few books have that effect on me. I barely skipped a line, talk more of a page or even chapter.

The Author is an incredible storyteller, and she rightly deserves all the accolades and awards this work of art has attracted

The book tells a story of a couple, Akin and Yejide, deeply in love with each other. They had been waiting for the miracle of a child for years to no avail.

As often seen in African society, the woman was blamed by family members as the reason for their unfruitfulness. Yejide put much pressure on herself as a result of this and details of her background. She took extreme measures in order to conceive a child. It did not help matters when her in-laws sought another wife to bear a child for their son.

At some point, Yejide believed she was pregnant even though it turned out that she was very wrong. She had a condition that made her believe she was pregnant. I love how this book covered the issue of mental health as it is a topic that is not taken seriously in this part of the world.

I did not expect the plot twist in this book at all. It turns out Yejide wasn’t the one with the issue even though she was the most bothered. Akin had this lackadaisical attitude towards the situation, and I found it very annoying.

I am still trying to wrap my head around the fact that someone deeply in love with their partner can hide an important detail that affects not only them but the other person as well.

I also don’t understand why Akin manipulated Yejide into doing something unacceptable by exploiting her vulnerability.

Left to me, there is no explanation for that. What they shared can be anything but true love. I believe in transparency in relationships.

Eventually, Yejide was able to conceive, but she lost two of her children to sickle cell disease. I love how the book narrates the ordeal of a carrier of the sickle cell disease. This disease is no joke, and my heart goes out to everyone who is battling it. Keep fighting warrior; you will win this battle!

Stay with Me, is a must-read!

There is nothing like African literature and a good one at that. Let me know if you give it a try.

If you have read this book, let me know what you thought about the ‘secret’ that Akin hid for donkey years.  I also want to know your thoughts on the drastic actions he took to salvage his reputation. Can they be justified?

Have a beautiful evening.


P.S: I get most of my books from either Waterstones or Amazon. You can purchase a copy of this book here.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. doriskoki says:

    I also love African literature so now I have to get this one. Thank you for sharing the recommendation 😊😊

    1. Sharimam says:

      Please get it! You will love it. I am glad you liked my recommendation, I’d definitely share reviews on more African Literature and I hope you do so too. I badly need a plug. Lol.

      Thanks for reading. Enjoy your evening. x

  2. doriskoki says:

    Looking forward to reading more of your reviews. As for me, I can’t promise to do the write ups πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Enjoy your evening too 😊

  3. Sharimam says:

    No worries!

  4. apensblog says:

    I love this review esp the way you talked about Akin, though a fictional character you made him seem like a real life character which shows that this book really came alive to you. Haven’t read this book but this review just stirred up an interest in me, looking forward to reading this sometime soon. Welldone Sharimam.❀️

    1. Sharimam says:

      πŸ˜… The book definitely came alive to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The writer did a wonderful job. Not a lot of writers bring characters to life like this. You should read it and I wouldn’t mind if you let me know how you found it. Thank you PraiseπŸ€—β€

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