Success Is Predictable


Baking is not my thing. Cooking is one of the things that flow smoothly for me. I bat no eyelid when cooking. I curate recipes effortlessly. However, baking is not my favourite thing to do. I guess this is because it is a bit more technical than cooking, and there are a ton of rules to follow; any slight mistake can ruin the whole process.

Since I have been spending much time at home in the past few months, I challenged myself to bake some of the things I spend a lot of money buying. The challenge for this week was vanilla cupcakes.

Before starting, I did thorough research on the type of cake I desired. I made sure all the measuring tools and utensils required were available. I also ensured that I did not skip a single ingredient. Doing this required me going to the shops and buying all I needed. I also made sure that I stuck to the instructions given by the person who curated the recipe. I found some of the instructions unnecessary because in my opinion, ‘why should I use a mixer to combine some of the dry ingredients now and then manually combine the remaining dry ingredients later on? Why can’t I use a mixer to combine everything and save my energy?’

Dr Myles Munroe of Blessed Memory once said that ‘Success is Predictable.’ After a successful attempt at baking my cupcakes, I realized that contemplating whether to do my own thing while baking was a terrible idea and recipe for failure. The recipe and instructions are there to guarantee a successful outcome.

“Failure is predictable if you break laws, success is predictable if you obey laws. I discovered and learned that truth when I was 14 years old. Not everyone discovers that. Some people take a lifetime to learn that.” – Myles Munroe

Believe it or not, it is possible to discern a person’s future the steps they take and the choices they make during the process. Success does not come by chance, and I think that is where several people get it wrong. You are the determining factor when it comes to success, and you need to take responsibility.

Almost everyone has dreams and visions about the future, and we owe it to ourselves to go the extra mile to make sure such dreams come to reality.

So here are a few lessons from my cupcake challenge:

•You must count the cost of the journey required for success. It is foolishness to start a journey without understanding what it requires.

•It is your duty to ensure that you are well equipped for the journey ahead. What do I mean? After counting the cost, it is time to start paying the price. You may have to go the extra mile. Do you see how I had to go to the shops to buy the required ingredients? There are times in life when you will have to go the extra mile.

•Lastly, never disdain or despise the Creators manual in your journey of life. The Bible has been given to us as a guide. If we abide by it, our success is guaranteed. Do not ever think you know more than the Ancient of Days. There is a reason for every single instruction He has given to us and even if we don’t understand, it is in our interest to obey. Disobedience and self-sufficiency are a recipe for failure.

If your genuine desire is a successful outcome, then abide by the instructions, and you will not be disappointed. Amen?

My successful attempt at these cupcakes has boosted my confidence, and I am not worried about my next challenge (perfecting my icing skills). This scenario replicates precisely what happens when we obey God’s instructions concerning our lives and eventually see the desired outcome manifest; Our confidence in Him is boosted, and we can trust in Him more.

Meanwhile, it is a cold, rainy day here in Abuja, and I am enjoying my moist, tasty cupcakes with a cup of tea. I like my tea black by the way, how do you like yours? 😅 (No pun intended)

Oh yeah, before I forget, thanks to my amazing instructor and friend, Adaeze. Thank you for putting me through, you are amazing. I love youuuu!

That would be all for now.

Love, Sharimam.


Success! You're on the list.

10 Comments Add yours

  1. Emmanuel Adaeze says:

    Amazing write-up👌I also learnt that in our journey of success even if we makes mistakes, we should strive to finish and not give up. Because when we tell the story, we will be proud that we made it through and that God’s grace and mercy kept us. Nice work once again keep it up👍

    1. Sharimam says:

      Thank you darling. I am glad you learnt something. My able tutor🙌🤗💕

  2. Liz Njoroge says:

    Amazing piece💖

    1. Sharimam says:

      Thank you dear! 💕

  3. Amazing piece.

    I believe it’s safe to say my attitude towards any laid down goal is very important

    1. Sharimam says:

      Exactly Martha. Thank you for reading and I am so glad you were blessed. 💕

  4. afishaws says:

    Wow, great piece!
    My Master’s manual:
    Cost + Price = Destiny!
    Hmm… success in Life depends on me……🤔
    More grace/insight 👍👍

    1. Sharimam says:

      Thank you Mummy. Thank you for reading, I am glad you were blessed. Amen!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is apt. Success is indeed predictable
    “As far as you can see, I have given unto you”

    1. Sharimam says:

      Thanks for reading & leaving a comment!

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