Ancient Gems

I was flipping through a copy of the famous Sacred Songs and Solos a few hours ago , and I came across several uplifting hymns. I got bored at the mainstream hymns and desired something refreshing.

Fortunately for me, I discovered several of them, and I cannot be more excited! The only downside to my discovery is that I cannot find videos or audio recordings of the hymns. It seems like they have been forgotten over the years. I find this sad because every single hymn I came across uplifted my spirit. They all ministered to my soul, and I wish many more people discover the gems in such ancient books.

I am going to share the lyrics of my favourite amongst my discovery below, and I pray it blesses someone just as it blessed me.🙏

“O aching heart, with sorrow torn

Thy Lord is near and knows!

He knows it all – the feet way-worn,

The weary cares and woes

The load of grief in anguish borne,

Thy Lord is near…He knows

He knows, He knows

Thy Lord is near, He knows

O fainting soul, with doubts oppressed,

Thy Lord is near and knows!

He knows it all – how thou art pressed

On every side with foes,

He waits to be thy cherished guest

Thy Lord is near…He knows

O weary head, that fain would rest,

Thy Lord is near and knows!

He knows it all, and on His breast

Thou mayest now repose

Drop every care at His behest

Thy Lord is near; He knows

O lonely one, live thou thy best

Thy Lord is near and knows!

He knows it all, sees every test

Yes, every tear that flows

Rejoice, faint heart; His way is best

Thy Lord is near, He knows.”

Have a restful night as you rest in God’s love for you.


Hymns/songs like this are usually birthed from profound encounters or experiences which make them more relatable to me. Apart from singing and listening to such hymns, I love to research the history of the songwriters. Knowing exactly what the songwriter may have been going through at the time the song was written gives me a fresh perspective concerning my relationship with God.

Do not sleep on ancient hymns like this. They are very refreshing & always uplift the listener.

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