I am Sharimam Shawulu Kwewum.

I love God and I love writing so I decided to create a platform where I can freely share my thoughts and insight from the Word of God with others.

On this blog, I intend to start conversations about difficult life situations that are commonly overlooked. This is because I believe the conversations we refuse to have, more often than not, greatly affect the overall performance of our lives.

A fun fact about me is that my name (Sharimam) means ‘Seek/Look for God’. I never quite understood why I was the only one in my family that bore a native name. I badly wanted an English name during my younger years. My Mum gave me this name at birth and it’s only just recently I realised how prophetic my name is. My name means a lot to me right now, and that’s what I intend to be doing for the rest of my days, seeking the One who first loved me!

I am honoured to have you on here. I hope you leave here inspired & encouraged to live a wholesome life but most importantly, a life that glorifies the Creator.

Enjoy reading!