The Person of the Holy Spirit

Having completed my LLB, I have started taking steps to usher me into my next season. A few days ago, while I was making an application, my WASSCE number was required, and I did not have a clue about what it was or where I could find it because I never thought I would ever…

Trust God to defend you

Ultimately, nobody gives a robust reply like God. So, I hope you learn to let go and let God. There are some situations you must allow God to step in because only Him understands what you may be going through. He sees you, He understands your pain, God acknowledges your genuine heart, and He is going to show up for you if you let Him.

What is in your hands?

A few weeks ago, a revered mentor of mine asked a question that I keep repeating to myself. The question is a simple one, but very powerful! I feel the need to ask you the same question today. What is in your hands? What are you doing with the abilities you have? Is there any…

The Fruit of the Spirit

“How can someone be moving mountains but they cannot say sorry? What kind of misplaced power is that? That is what we endorse when we exalt power above relationship.”