Expose The Wounds

“I require transparency and vulnerability from you this season. Remove the band-aid, expose the wounds and get healed.”

Hello x

Compliments of the Season 🤗❤ I trust this meets you well? How has the holiday season been for you? For those who had to spend this period alone, I hope it wasn’t too bad for you? I have spent a few holidays alone, and I definitely understand how you may be feeling. Sending lots of…

Ancient Gems

O aching heart, with sorrow torn
Thy Lord is near and knows!
He knows it all – the feet way-worn,
The weary cares and woes
The load of grief in anguish borne,
Thy Lord is near…He knows

Success Is Predictable

“Failure is predictable if you break laws, success is predictable if you obey laws. I discovered and learned that truth when I was 14 years old. Not everyone discovers that. Some people take a lifetime to learn that.”

— Myles Munroe